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Christmas is the time to ask ourselves the question. Who do I need to buy presents for? Which relationships have I ruined? Is my barista more important to me than my Dad? How did I end up disappointing so many people? And how can I navigate their attention away from my worthlessness in a wonderfully delicious, refreshing, and legal way?

To address these end of year complexities, we want to help you find the perfect gift this year with The Poor Tom’s Gift Guide. Based on big data and edge case user profiles, we have developed a rigorous scientific method to ensure precision in present selection. It is no coincidence that F-U-N is big spooning G-I-N on a QWERTY keyboard.*

No matter how complicated you have made your relationships this year, when it comes to buying gifts for those you love to love and hate, if the question is Christmas, the answer is Poor Toms Gin.

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